Safe Working Environment


As part of our Workplace Safety module, we were tasked with imagining that we run our own company in ten years. I wanted to make a parcel factory warehouse called BPS Blanchardstown Parcel Service our job will be locate in blanchardstown industrial estate, As i am the manager my job is to make sure that right truck drivers come in and delivers make sure right boxes go into right trucks to be delivered.

he main point of this exercise is to come up with ten ways that I could incorporate and maintain said standards. The list I came up with is as follows

  • Make sure all my staff have safe pass
  • We require all staff members have Manual handling pass
  • Have safety work equipment such as foot protection –  Helps protect your feet from hard objects falling onto your feet.
  • All members off staff that are working on floor grounds needs to wear Reflective clothing – High-visibility clothing, reflective properties or a colour that is easily discernible from any background, Used for say a truck driver is driving and its dark can you will be visible to his line of sight.
  • I will need my staff to stock up trucks and to unload trucks and staff to scan the item when they come into warehouse and make sure it goes into right truck to be shifted out.
  • we have a forklift we require that if you are to use our forklift you need a license.
  • We have pallets all around the floor we make sure to have them nice and tidy and that people on our forklifts takes them up and puts them at end off the wear house.
  • We will have fire exits training in case of emergency
  • Schedule fire drills monthly at the very least.
  • Brief all employees in their rights and responsibilities when it comes to workplace safety.

















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