Personal Effectiveness – Learning Styles

In this learning outcome I have learned what I am good at and what im not so great at.

Today we done a learning style survey and there were different types of learning styles

Visual seeing or observing things

Auditory – listening to the spoken word,noises or sounds

Kinaesthetic – touching, holding or doing

I did the survey and my results say that I am a Kinesthetic learning which is style of preference for physical experience – touching , feeling , holding ,  doing practical hands on experiences.

These people will use phrase such as ‘let me try’, ‘how do you feel’ and will be best able to perform a new task by going ahead and trying it out, learning as they go. These are the people who like to experiment , hands – ons , and never look at the insructions.

As for a example i’m really good a communication with others such as listen to others, I can work good on my own or even part of a team and i also have manual handling skills. I also have digital media skills and computer skills and camera skills,  I’ve made a youtube channel which is doing pretty well.

Skills I’m not very good at and hope to improve are being punctual would be great skill to have Being a fast learner as takes me good few tries to figure out how to do something or work it out.




Image result for kinaesthetic

Link – Speech Buddies


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