Digital Media Technology – Learning Outcome 1



In our generation today we our lucky we got smart phones ipads, tablets, etc.

We use these for lots of different things as texting friends, family or use social media such as facebook or twitter and lots more.

We also can watch movies, videos, television shows. Your phone or ipad can take pictures and videos that can be edited and last forever.

People use different types of media technology everyday in different ways use computers for work or have three phone or even using cameras.

Back years people weren’t as lucky with media technology they had to write or use their hands that would make it harder back then, then we do now.

We got millions of different apps that can be helpful in everyday life as in apps such as google maps to find any address or online banking apps to check your balance.

If you have to travel to different locations for work/college you can download irish rails for train times or download bus eire check bus schedule.



link – Keynote Speaker

link – www.slideshare.net1280



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