Digital Media – Learning Outcome 2 Using a Digital Camera

A little short summary of what I learn in the new learning was different camera lens

Such as Fish Eye Lens and Telephoto Lens and Wide Angle Lens which you can read about what they do in my last post ” Digital Media – Learning Outcome 1 ”…/

We also done different types of photography such as Timelapse which is when you setup a tripod to take a photo every 30 seconds or so for a few hours.

And Stop Motion is when you take photos of an object with little changes between each frame to make it look its moving.

How the camera works is you click a button, the aperture opens up and lets light in, The amount of light creates an image though the sensor on the camera

How to get the camera set up is put in your SD card into the camera and turn the camera on, And also get your tripod set up and ready for where you want the camera to aim at.

Good camera maintenance is to have cleaning products to clean certain parts of your camera such as the lens etc.

And also have a camera bag to store and protect your camera, make sure have lens cap to protect the lens so won’t get damaged, a big important thing to have for your camera is a camera strap so won’t fall out off your hands and damaged itself.

We learned about lighting painting which was pretty cool looking, As in you take a photo but you use like a flashlight or the one on your phone make certain symbol while the picture is taking off you and shows you with made looking image at the end.

An example what they look like.

Link – PictureCorrect

Ive tried make few cool looking lighting painting photos but didn’t really work out as good as I hoped but still looks pretty cool and very fun to do.





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