Learning Outcome 8 – Graphic Design

Today I learn how to photoshop an image, I went onto https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop.html  they showed me a little tutorial on how to photoshop an image,

As in how to crop and straighten the image by using the crop tool, you can trim edges, change the shape and size of a photo, and even straighten a crooked shoreline or horizon.

And we improved the lighting and the color to my image to make my picture stand out make the colors pop using adjustment layers.

I then removed certain parts of my picture that I didn’t want in my photo easily eliminate distracting elements with the Spot Healing Brush tool and the Patch tool.

I changed up the colouring in my picture convert color to black and white, add an old-fashioned tinted look, and play with focus using the Tilt-Shift Blur filter.

Then I had to sharpen parts in the photo i wished to do Apply a sharpen filter to give your photo a finishing touch. Then save your edited file in PSD format to preserve your layers for future editing. To share your photo online or by email, save a copy as a JPEG.

This picture was before I used photoshop..

Norway 3.jpg

After I used photoshop.. Norway 3 copy.jpg


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