Media Expression Learning Outcome 3


In our learning outcome 3 we learned about three stages of production, terminology, studio layouts, equipment and types of sound. We started to brainstorm the pre-production stage. We started to list out idea that be in pre-production such as story board, schedule, actors, make-up etc.

We learned about different certain film need be filmed in certain locations, such as will be in studio or somewhere else. we also learned what happens when you’re editing the movie what needs to go into the film, does it need subtitles or does it need a sound track at certain scenes in the movie or television put the movie scene by scene.

I found out what all the production jobs are what there definitions are, we needed to to find out what all the equipment is, and what they do how to use the them for an example tripod helps hold the camera steady or such as monitor plays scenes being record.

We had to listen to an audio track which had lots off different sound that we had to figure out if it was real or artificially generated sounds, which was very hard to know what sounds were real or artificially, we could barely tell the difference.

TRIPOD – helps hold the camera steady



BOOM POLE- Let’s you record audio



STERO SHOTGUN MICROPHONE-  Use to record interviews

IMAGE FROM HERE –  Joe Sutherland Rentalspolsen_scl_1075_cam_mnt_condensor_shotgun_984901.jpg


LAPEL MIC – wirless mic

IMAGE FROM HERE – Gear4music



CAMERA DOLLY – Camera on wheels , use get smoothed shots

IMAGE FROM HERE –Filmscape Mediapeewee3.gif




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