Media Expression Learning Outcome 1

We started off learning different Television Production Formats, for example like chat shows, soap, drama these are all different types off formats I’ve learned.

We then started to compare two different types off formats , like whats difference between soap and sports show was soap shows have more then one camera were sport shows would only have 2, after were compared different types off formats we moved onto International Formats.

what we learned about international formats that there shows showed in more then one country but with different county like shows x-factor has one in UK and also in USA and Australia, other shows has different versions off the shows all round the world.

I’ve learned about radio has lots off different broadcast shows, such as sports shows, talk show, even history, there are so many channels with different categories to suit certain people.

We learned about what roles are involved in films, what are people jobs what do they do, what it takes make a movie like “writer would have to write the scripts”, I went onto a site called IMDB and looked up my favourite film “The Dark Night” and learned who Director was and the writer and who produces the film.


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